Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunshine and The Motherload

Since arriving in the States we've been taking it easy and enjoying the sunshine. It only took 3 days in the USA to equal the amount of sunshine I've had the previous two months in Sweden and the forecast calls for more of the same. Ahhhhhh, the good life.

We've been hanging in Malibu with family and moving into our new home, a '89 Ford camper van we are currently calling "the Motherload". We managed to get out climbing for a couple hours at Stoney Point and explored some other boulders we'll sample next time we're in the 'bu. As for now we head toward the main event as we pack into the Motherload and head to Bishop. Let the grappling begin.

Prairie at gripping choss at Stoney Point

Peter with good hair on Leaping Lizard

Prairie seeking friction in the 16 degree Celsius weather


tomas said...

Göteborg today: -2 and cloudy.
Perfect conditions!

Anonymous said...

Idag är det -8 och en hel del snö, mindre bra förhållanden. Men snart så... Om Frida och jag inte kommer i vår hälsar vi på nästa år när ni bor där borta mer permanent. Hälsa Prairie.

Stora kramar från Kalle

walkerkearney said...

so glad we're not in sweden right now.
and kalle, send an email and we'll chat about linking up.