Monday, January 18, 2010

Malibu bouldering and the arrival of Goldie Locks

Goldie Locks (aka Peter) arrived in LAX 16 hours late after a heinous trip from Sweden. Unfortunately he brought Swedish weather with him as the forecast for the entire western United States turned to crap once he touched down. Obsessively checking the a multitude of weather sites and praying to any deity we thought might take pity on our poor souls was of little hekp as nothing could stop the trifecta of storms destined to dismantle our week of climbing.

Bishop was definitely out as the predicted snow is sure to shut down the milks so we hung in Malibu for an extra day to use utilize the precious half-day of sun before doom and gloom. The bouldering around Malibu turned out to be fantastic and I feel like an idiot for not discovering this little gem years earlier. There are two different areas about 10 minutes in opposite directions from my grandmother's house. Beautiful settings, good lines and quality rock got me psyched and had me jonesing for another day, especially since our outing was cut short by rain. I'm sure I'll be back.

Right now we are in Joshua Tree National Park since the forecast "only" called for 4 days of rain. J-Tree is becoming the standard last ditch effort to climb when bad weather slams California (remember last year Martin?). The last two mornings actually proved climbable and despite the fact that most of the rock is choss I think I'm starting to like the area (maybe it's a personal defense mechanism to keep myself from drowning in depression). There will be an update from J-Tree soon as we are now hold up in a coffee shop while snow gathers outside. Unfortunately our praying hasn't payed off as our best hopes of climbing remains Chossua Tree.

Hear are some pics from the bouldering around Malibu. The first 3 are from Purple Stone and the last 4 are from the Malibu Tunnel Boulders

Goldie Locks rejoicing that he is no longer in Sweden

A super cool arete

Lina warming up

A sweet pocket problem

Goldie Locks hopes to avoid taking a swim

Sweet arete

Lina in a new shirt and new shoes

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Anonymous said...

I do remember Chossua Tree. Not my favorite for climbing, but hey, it's beautiful! /mh