Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Milks

After a week in Bishop we are back down in Malibu for my grandmother's 89th birthday. It's nice to hang with the family for a spell and recoup from our reintroduction to climbing.
The first week in Bishop was a bit frustrating as sickness and general weakness seemed the common theme. Despite my sporadic fits of whining the first week still comes off as a success as both Lina and I did show signs that we'll be back in form relatively soon.
Most of our efforts were focused on repeating things to gauge how far we have fallen but I still managed to do a few new things in the volcanic areas and I somehow grappled my way up Stained Glass in the Buttermilks. Stained Glass had always alluded me despite significant effort and donated skin on previous trips and it is a relief to finally have done this beauty.

Here's a few pics from the Milks

Greg runs a lap on Stained Glass

Lina tries to emerge from the Womb

Jenny on Pope's Prow

Jason on a pre-send attempt of the Mandala

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PontusGBG said...

Really nice pictures Walker!!