Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More from J-Tree

We managed to spend 4 full days in Joshua Tree and remain psyched. I'm even excited about returning someday as there are some supposedly sweet problems I didn't make it too. Amongst all the choss there are some gems.

We arrived in Bishop this morning and are happily taking an off day as our tips are wrecked. Bishop received enough snow to scare off most of the climbers but a few stragglers have been brushing off snow in the volcanics and the forecast is splendid once again. Unfortunately the Milks are probably out for awhile and with one week before we leave we are uncertain as to whether we'll get a day on granite or if we will be exiled to the volcanics. You take what you can get.

Here are some more pics from J-Tree. And for those that might wander down there one day, the following list of problems are a few I recommend seeking out. These are problems mostly in the main areas that I reckon give a taste of J-Tree and that will hopefully make you not hate the area (I guess it depends on if you can do some of them or not).

The Chube
Illicit Sweetie
Stem Gem
Chili Sauce
Streetcar Named Desire
Tidal Wave
White Rastafarian
Planet X

Lina enjoying the sun

Tidal Wave. One of the best problems I did in J-Tree

Peter on the Meadow Boulder. Atypical J-Tree climb, steep on rounded jugs.

Lina demonstrates the "beached whale" technique on Thin Crack for on uninterested Hammie.

A quality unknown problem

Peter making the Nicole Overhang look easy.

Lina on the fantastic Illicit Sweetie. I wish all rock in J-Tree was this good.

Peter on one of J-Trees best, Scatterbrained.


padde said...

it looks so good, can it really be that bad?

Anonymous said...

Go to crystal ridge!


walkerkearney said...

j-tree can be that bad if you don't know where to go. soooo much rock and sooo much choss.
and crystal ridge is a go.