Monday, April 29, 2013

Västervik Video

Here is a little video from a weekend trip to Västervik.  Hope you enjoy.

Västervik Bouldering: Five Problems from Walker Kearney on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Tunablocket is perhaps the best boulder in the Västervik area.  The compact red granite makes for great climbing and nearly every problem on the boulder is classic.  The only bad thing is that the boulder is 20 minutes from the next boulders (at least until closer ones are found).

Here are a couple pictures.

Mike on Roadaret.  

 Setting up for the crux slap of Itchy.

 Fredrik trying tall man beta

According to Raz (the man behind 95% of the development around Västervik) this arete to the right of King's Speech was undone.  If so I may have nabbed a sweet FA and if so I'm dubbing the problem King Louie.  It is a sweet addition to Tunablocket and I'm amazed it hasn't been done.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back at it: Västervik

The weather in Sweden has been unnaturally good as the month of March set a record for sunshine and I have a hard time remembering the last time it rained.  Crazy.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to take full advantage of the weather due to injuries and a rare lack of motivation.  The injuries (elbow and hamstring) have certainly been a damper on motivation but as they get  better I find my motivation was remaining low.  The lack of psyche has been a bit disconcerting so last weekend I took a quick trip to Västervik to try to get out of my funk.  I think the trip worked as just knowing I was going to climb on some new problems got me jazzed and now several days after the trip I am still amped .  This return to my motivated self will certainly translate into the blog resuming it's semi-frequent posting.

Here are a couple pictures from Västervik.

 Mike working Nikita at Mommehål.  Västervik still has quite a bit of snow which was a bit limiting in which areas we visited.  Fortunately there are plenty of areas that were climbable and the temps were perfect

 Fredrik on Given to Fly.  This little gem sits off by itself but is still worth a quick visit if you're in the area.

 Given to Fly

Fredrik celebrates the send.  He had a mini-epic but pulled through in the end.

 Mike in steep country on Sourze at Marstrand

Primitive was one of those problems I figured I couldn't do.  Amazingly I stopped whining about being too short and just did it.