Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Johan reaching for the heinous crimp on Traktor, a Hönö classic.

Like Stealing Candy from a Baby

When Jasper gets hungry he'll stop at nothing to quiet his rumbling stomach. On Saturday Jasper's appetite brought him to new lows as he snatched a sandwich from a poor innocent baby. He would later beat up an old lady and consume her apple pie but the incident wasn't documented.

Here we see Jasper using size to his advantage as he rips food from Siri's tiny hands.

Siri was so hungry she had to resort to eating the packaging.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Solo Pose-Down in Utby

I start to get the shakes if I don't climb for a couple days. Yes, I have a problem. And I've learn that if you live in Sweden you should climb like there's no tomorrow because, well, the weather gods might squash your climbing plans for a month straight. That being said, I was free on Thursday and the forecast for the foreseeable future was somewhere between mostly shitty and super shitty. This coupled with the fact that I was unable to find anyone to tackle highball projects with led me to settle for a quick circuit at Utby. Here's a little video. Enjoy and feel free to ridicule my narcissistic pose-down.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A send in Boxvik

I don't have time to cut together all the video I have so I think I'll start posting some unedited pieces just to keep thing coming on the blog.
This is from a couple weekends ago in Boxvik. Johan nabbed the first ascent awhile back and I don't know what he called it. It's a sweet problem.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Night Send of Vita Lögner

The days are getting shorter but with a little motivation and some lights we can still get in a few hours of bouldering after work. Here's a shorty of Fredrik doing the Göteborg classic Vita Lögner this last Tuesday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Pretty Good Day

Saturday was spent moping around amongst wet boulders, cursing the weather gods, and generally feeling sorry for ourselves. Fortunately Sunday turned out to be a brilliant day and a much needed sending spree on Orust left me feeling quite content.

I nabbed the FA of Stagger Lee at Bro before moving to Boxvik for the FA of Buddha Rhubarb Butter (thanks Tompa). I finished up with a couple laps on one of Johan's problems I should have sent long ago. It was a pretty good day.

Martin eying the rail on Stagger Lee


Setting the heel at the start of Buddha Rhubarb Butter

Martin on the last move of Johan's problem (name?)

Some Hönö Pics

Here's some pics from a couple weekends ago.

Setting up for the big toss on a project

The toss

Herr Thörnings slabb

Anger and Frustration on Herr Thörnings Slabb

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nick Cave Roof

Before my trip to the States in Sept we found yet another area on Orust. Having been listening to the music of Nick Cave around that time I christened the area's impressive roof after the musician and went to work on the various problems. After that first day we managed to put up two problems that came out the roof (Loretta and Henry Lee respectively and both great problems in there own right) but the main line out the middle shut us down. The project took on the name Stagger Lee and has apparently continued to shut down potential suitors in my absence. With any luck we'll have some good weather and my next encounter with Stagger Lee will turn out in my favor. We'll see.
Here's some footage from that first day with the fa of Henry Lee and an attempt of the project.
Just so you know, the soundtrack is a Nick Cave song and contains some expletives.