Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Like Stealing Candy from a Baby

When Jasper gets hungry he'll stop at nothing to quiet his rumbling stomach. On Saturday Jasper's appetite brought him to new lows as he snatched a sandwich from a poor innocent baby. He would later beat up an old lady and consume her apple pie but the incident wasn't documented.

Here we see Jasper using size to his advantage as he rips food from Siri's tiny hands.

Siri was so hungry she had to resort to eating the packaging.


Anonymous said...

Fan Jesper, hur kunde du!?

Jeppe said...

What!? See you in court yankee!

True story: The picture shows me learning Siri to eat black bread and cheese more than double her age. Actually I have with great joy shared My food with Siri at several occasions and she is rapidly developing her gourmet diversity. Much to the liking of her parents I believe.