Saturday, August 31, 2013

A little of this, a little of that

Been slacking off on the blog as of late.  The inactivity doesn't have as much to do with a lack of climbing (I'm still getting out a bit) but more with  the more boring things in life like work .  So it goes.  I've got a backlog of photos and videos to go through (particularly from Rogaland) and hopefully I'll come around to going through them soon.  As the daylight hours begin shortening here in Sweden I'll need to find a way to occupy the time once filled with climbing.  I guess blogging is one way to stave off the darkness.

In the meantime.....

Working isn't all bad as blue skies makes for awesome tree work.  Here Johan tops a tree with a swipe of his saw.

Henrik on the striking (and scary) Flykten från jordens medelpunkt in Lyse Kyrka.