Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Hueco Video

Here's another video of some classic problems in Hueco Tanks thrown together with some old footage.  I'll try to give an update/photos of my recent happenings soon.  Until then, hope you enjoy the video.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hueco Tanks Video

Been back in the Tanks for a couple days and still pretty psyched.  Hopefully I'll be able to tick off a few projects in the next week or so but I'm just glad to be climbing in the desert with good folks.

I've finally got around to sorting through some of the footage from Hueco I've taken over the last few seasons and decided to just throw together a few short videos.  Less production value but at least something gets created.  All the footage from this short is from past seasons and you can expect more in the near future.  Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More from Stoney

Until I sort through pictures from Hueco Tanks I figured I'd post a few more from Stoney Point.  These were taken last year but I never got around to posting them.

 Stoney's most popular boulder, evident by the animal trails leading to it.

 Chris on Leaping Lizard 

 Prairie on the crimpy Power Glide

 Prairie on a fun arete

 Nate on one of Stoney's best, Ummagumma

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stoney Point

We have now made out way back to NM and will be heading to Hueco Tanks but I figured I'd post a few shots from Stoney Point.
Every winter I generally spend an afternoon or two at Stoney Point.  This area is pretty historic due to it's location just outside of Los Angeles and for a bunch of chossy sandstone it can be lots of fun.  I certainly wouldn't tell someone to roadtrip to Stoney but if they are in the area and want a quick fix it has a bit of climbing to offer.  

 Matty on a tall arete.  Just pray choss doesn't break at the top

 Lina on a cool sloper problem.  Why would anyone bother going to Font when Stoney Point is right here

 Prairie on one of Stoney's best problems

 Matty demonstrates his gay-leprechaun dance

Marlon on the cool sloper problem

Monday, February 6, 2012

Purple Stone

Perhaps my favorite of Malibu's local bouldering areas is Purple Stone.  The rock quality is good and there are several high quality problems that would alone warrant checking the place out.   I just wish the area was bigger.

 Ethan on the unique approach to Purple Stone

Matt one of the area gems, Purple Prow.  

Matt attempting the undone direct finish to Purple Prow

Whirlpool is one of my favorite problems and was surprisingly only put up roughly a year ago

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Under the Weather

Been a bit under the weather as of late.  It all started with a short bike ride through a snowstorm and after 6 days of fever I buckled down and went to see a doctor.  I'm now $300 poorer but the antibiotics are doing the trick and I'm hoping to be back to full form when I finish the drugs.

For now we are back in Malibu, enjoying the sun and climbing locally.  Here are a few pictures from the Temporal Boulders, one of the small areas near Malibu.

 Matty on the gem of the Temporal Boulders, Temporal Relativity 

 Prairie doing the top-out of Torosa

 Sticking the crux move of Torosa

Matty milks the cool sloper of an alternative top-out to Temporal Relativity.  This one is still a project