Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hueco Tanks Video

Been back in the Tanks for a couple days and still pretty psyched.  Hopefully I'll be able to tick off a few projects in the next week or so but I'm just glad to be climbing in the desert with good folks.

I've finally got around to sorting through some of the footage from Hueco I've taken over the last few seasons and decided to just throw together a few short videos.  Less production value but at least something gets created.  All the footage from this short is from past seasons and you can expect more in the near future.  Hope you enjoy.


Kim said...

I miss you guys!

walkerkearney said...

we miss you too kim. why aren't you in the usa with us?

Kim said...

I don't know, guess there's something wrong with me. Plus, I'm going to Font in the beginning of April :)

Climb some for me and hug everyone!