Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On the Road Again

So the last couple of months have been slow. The entire month of November saw only 11 total hours of sunshine in Gothenburg and December hasn't been much better. Fortunately I'm leaving this God-forsaken place for the greener pastures of the USA where Lina, Hammie and I will be cruising around the west soaking up the sunshine and grappling boulders. All areas to be hit are still up in the air but Bishop and the Tanks serve as the starting points and when things warm up we may make it all the was to Squamish. We have until June 2nd so we'll see where the wind blows. If anyone has suggestions for our journey drop a comment and we'll try to swing by for some climbing and a game of pass the Hammie.

If anyone is in Bishop we should be there within a week where we'll attempt to get our weak and pastey bodies back into shape. See you there!

And for those sorry souls that remain in Swedish purgatory, I'm sorry.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boring Pictures of Boulders

Went down to Ronneby to visit with family and managed to get out bouldering for a couple hours. I made quick work of the project from last trip then drove around looking for boulders. I found plenty. You folks down south got your work cut out for you. I'm really hoping to spend more time down there and I'd love to see what others have found.

Also made the standard pit-stop in Värnamo to say hello to the locals and ogle at a sick boulder.

Here's a couple boring pictures of boulders that I'm hoping might encourage people to check out these areas.

Värnamo's biggest boulder

Super arete I brushed up

Pretty damn good boulder. Most of the lines are undone

Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm continually amazed how much climbing can be found around Gothenburg. Just when I feel like I've explored every corner of our fair city I stumble upon rock so obvious it has me questioning my ability to sniff out bouldering. In my defense, I'd inquired about bouldering in this area long ago but was told there was nothing. That's what I get for trusting others to do my scouting for me.

Slättadamm lies within the city and is a 1 minute walk from parking. It can almost be seen from the Tolered bouldering area and offers quite a lot of rock with several good lines. A bit of climbing has been done but there is room for more and I'm sure there is more rock in the area I haven't seen.

Trendens makt

Lars on one of the better lines in the area

Jesper shows his war face

Bethlehem Abortion Clinic