Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boring Pictures of Boulders

Went down to Ronneby to visit with family and managed to get out bouldering for a couple hours. I made quick work of the project from last trip then drove around looking for boulders. I found plenty. You folks down south got your work cut out for you. I'm really hoping to spend more time down there and I'd love to see what others have found.

Also made the standard pit-stop in Värnamo to say hello to the locals and ogle at a sick boulder.

Here's a couple boring pictures of boulders that I'm hoping might encourage people to check out these areas.

Värnamo's biggest boulder

Super arete I brushed up

Pretty damn good boulder. Most of the lines are undone


Olsson said...

Cool, I been at that last boulder a few times, really rare climbing on granite.
John has updated his boulderhunter page, there are some new boulders and the map works fine to download. Hope to meet ya out in the boonies...

walkerkearney said...

hope to make it to the boonies when i get back to sweden this summer