Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm continually amazed how much climbing can be found around Gothenburg. Just when I feel like I've explored every corner of our fair city I stumble upon rock so obvious it has me questioning my ability to sniff out bouldering. In my defense, I'd inquired about bouldering in this area long ago but was told there was nothing. That's what I get for trusting others to do my scouting for me.

Slättadamm lies within the city and is a 1 minute walk from parking. It can almost be seen from the Tolered bouldering area and offers quite a lot of rock with several good lines. A bit of climbing has been done but there is room for more and I'm sure there is more rock in the area I haven't seen.

Trendens makt

Lars on one of the better lines in the area

Jesper shows his war face

Bethlehem Abortion Clinic

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Carles said...

Gothemburg, ummmm! Perfect.

Next june I will go there 5 days for a congress, I hope I will climb at least two days.

We are in touch.

That's perfect for me, working, climbing and discovering a new city.