Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On the Road Again

So the last couple of months have been slow. The entire month of November saw only 11 total hours of sunshine in Gothenburg and December hasn't been much better. Fortunately I'm leaving this God-forsaken place for the greener pastures of the USA where Lina, Hammie and I will be cruising around the west soaking up the sunshine and grappling boulders. All areas to be hit are still up in the air but Bishop and the Tanks serve as the starting points and when things warm up we may make it all the was to Squamish. We have until June 2nd so we'll see where the wind blows. If anyone has suggestions for our journey drop a comment and we'll try to swing by for some climbing and a game of pass the Hammie.

If anyone is in Bishop we should be there within a week where we'll attempt to get our weak and pastey bodies back into shape. See you there!

And for those sorry souls that remain in Swedish purgatory, I'm sorry.


Dain said...

walker, are you flying into ABQ? when? I'm in Durango now, flying out of ABQ on the 9th....

walkerkearney said...

damn it all! i'm in cali and won't be in nm until feb. would be great to see you. i'm in the country until june so we should make it happen