Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Year's Resolution, Instagraming and Malibu Bouldering

Every time I post after a long dry spell I talk about making a renewed effort to keep Kearney Journey up to date and relevant.  Needless to say these previous efforts proved minimally effective as life and appathy inevitably interfere with blogging.  Now once again I'm stating my intention to maintain some semblance of regularity on this blog and I even thought I'd try to make it a new year's resolution of sorts (despite waiting almost a full month to make said resolution).  So we'll see how it goes but I'm shooting for the very achievable goal of averaging one post a week for the rest of the year.

I'm also learning my way around Instagram (@kearneyjourney) where I'll be regularly posting photos of my adventures (see sidebar for feed).  For those without Instagram I'll be sharing those pictures on facebook as well, so if you like the Kearney Journey page you'll get them in your feed.

So until the next time, here are a few more photos of the bouldering at Malibu's Tunnel Boulders

I've actually been spending lots of time just hanging on the beach this trip but I do get out to the local bouldering from time to time.  Sure is nice to watch the sunset over the pacific after a bit of bouldering (or whenever really). 

I don't have much that I know of that I haven't done around Malibu so I've been trying a few of the more obscure problems.  One such problem at the Tunnel Boulders climbs a steep face and has a first move that was beyond my ability.  I guess Gato Cosmico will have to wait until I'm stronger 

My back-meat looked pretty good doing the upper moves of Gato Cosmico but failed me on the start.

Prairie on a sweet warm-up at the Tunnel Boulders

Matty contemplates using a mono.

One of the funner problems I did is a classic sloper problem called Leah.  The problem is essential lifting your butt off the ground and doing a couple hard bumps with your right hand before some easy moves on sweet slopers.  Even if the climbing isn't all that interesting it's a good line and some of the best rock around Malibu.  Got to love those slopers.

The fun thing about sandstone is it have be hard to judge difficulty.  Here Lina milks the slopers of a deceptively difficult problem.  

Terminator is one of my favorite problems at the Tunnel Boulders and I've added it to my circuit.  There is also an obvious sitstart I've spent a couple sessions on that adds considerable difficulty and may still be undone.  It's nice to have something to work on.