Monday, January 26, 2009

Lowsy Gutter Punks

Documentation of my trip just hit a serious obstacle. A couple of days ago my van was broken into and I lost my wallet (3 credit cards, all my phone numbers and addresses, cash, etc.), my mp3 player, my camera, and other things. Super lame. Along with the camera was 6 gigabytes of footage documenting Hueco Tanks and Martin engaging in various "American" activities, from dringing 40's and shooting guns to hitting baseballs and eating large quantities of food. The jerk even stole my toiletry bag with my contacts and toothbrush. Lame.
Life of course goes on and after searching alleys and dumpsters in the area I accepted the fact that all my stuff is gone.

So now try to imagine a couple sweet photos of the new places we found around Las Cruces over the last couple of days. They are quite good on bomber granite and contain more than a few lines that make me hot and bothered. For the time being you'll have to just take my word.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Little Chris Gets Tasered

Prairie stumbled upon a taser when we were in California and for the last couple weeks we've been looking for volunteers to try it out. The noise alone deterred most and the rest threw in the towel when further research revealed people often release the contents of their bowels when being tasered, a most embarrassing situation. Youtube videos also showed large police officers with names like Bubba dropped to ground. We weren't sure we'd find someone stupid enough to willingly get tasered............then we asked Little Chris.
"I've never been tasered, and it's non-lethal so I've got nothing to worry about."
Here's the video.

Apparently Prairie's taser wasn't police issued but kudos to Chris for taking the plunge.

More from the Tanks

It has been hot in the Tanks as the temperature is over 70 degrees Fahrenheit everyday. It's perfect for flying back-meat, shredding skin, and circuiting classics. Here are even more pics from the Tanks.

Mike on Me and Julio

Prairie on the unique Hourglass

Nick crimping on Swiss Crisp Mix

Finger Tip Flapper

One of Hueco's finer slabs, Slim Pickin's

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All Alone

I dropped Martin off at the airport in Albuquerque a couple days ago. He's missed already as he is one of the easiest travel partners ever. Hopefully he'll be able to rest his finger and be cranking hard when the spring thaw comes to Sweden. When I left him he was sporting a sweet mustache and while I'd like to think it would become permanent I suspect it has already been shaved. Just wish I could have documented it.
He's some parting shots.

Martin on Pig Nose Pete (aka Big Nosed Milley)

The peanut galley looks on while Ander climbs

Martin on Dry Dock

Martin on Notorious D.I.G.

Martin going all American at the batting cages

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alien Babies

Here's a little vid of Alien Baby Right and Left in Sedona.

Sedona, AZ

When it gets freezing cold in Flagstaff and blizzard conditions shut down most areas you need only drive 40 minutes to be bouldering in your t-shirt on the perfect sandstone of beautiful Sedona. The areas are small but of the highest quality and serve as a welcomed respite the harsh winter weather.
We cruised through Flagstaff to visit friends and opted to stay an extra day in order to climb at the Anvil boulders in Sedona. Martin got psyched an threw himself at Alien Baby Right with total disregard for his injured finger. He wasn't able to climb for the next three days but it was all worth it as he scraped out a send at the last minute.
It was nice repeating old problem and I also managed to do a couple new things as I used the short-man beta to send Alien Baby Right for the first time and shook myself up a sweet highball called Slip-and-Slide. It would have been nice to spend another day to show Martin Sedona's other bouldering area but Pie Town was calling and we had a date with Hueco Tanks.

Groovy water dimples

Prairie on Alien Baby Left

The first move of the Alien Babies

Jason uses short man-beta on Alien Baby Right

A motivated Martin

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moes Valley Bouldering

The bouldering at Moe's Valley was pretty descent. The rock quality varied from super chossy to super solid and there were certainly some gems to be found. Here are some pics of the bouldering.

Prairie wearing a cool hat

Eyeballing a crimper

slopy crimps

Martin on a fun roof

Group climbing

Martin on Grippsion, perhaps the best problem in Moes

Mark on Grippsion

Moes Valley, UT

Our post New Years plan were an open slate. After relaxing on the beach in Malibu and hanging with my Grandmother Tutu for a couple of days we packed up and headed to Saint George, UT to meet our friend Hannah and sample the sandstone bouldering there. The climbing was better than I expected and sufficed for our 4 days in town. Martin's finger is still a bit sore but he's further adapting to life in the States as he's getting mouthy. He's dishing out abuse and his heckling skills have been honed from his weeks with the Kearney kids.

Martin has resorted to threatening us to ensure he is properly fed.

5 star accommodations minutes from the bouldering


Cooking breakfast outside a coffee shop

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Week in the Valley

I compiled footage of a few things we climbed in Yosemite. The place is incredible and one week was way to short. I didn't document everything but hopefully it's enough to give viewers a taste of the goodness that is the Valley. Enjoy.

Yosemite Bouldering: A Week in the Valley from Walker Kearney on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More J-tree

Here's a few more pictures from Joshua Tree.

Jimmie on JBMFP

Martin taking a well deserved break after the long hike to the Underground

Martin learns firsthand why crack kills

Me at the Underground

Sharp things in the desert