Friday, January 23, 2009

Little Chris Gets Tasered

Prairie stumbled upon a taser when we were in California and for the last couple weeks we've been looking for volunteers to try it out. The noise alone deterred most and the rest threw in the towel when further research revealed people often release the contents of their bowels when being tasered, a most embarrassing situation. Youtube videos also showed large police officers with names like Bubba dropped to ground. We weren't sure we'd find someone stupid enough to willingly get tasered............then we asked Little Chris.
"I've never been tasered, and it's non-lethal so I've got nothing to worry about."
Here's the video.

Apparently Prairie's taser wasn't police issued but kudos to Chris for taking the plunge.

1 comment:

Charlie said...

Looks more like as stun gun. A Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle actually shoots probes into your skin and incapacitates your neurvous system. A stun gun just hurts like a bitch. But, way to take it in the butt there Chris.