Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sedona, AZ

When it gets freezing cold in Flagstaff and blizzard conditions shut down most areas you need only drive 40 minutes to be bouldering in your t-shirt on the perfect sandstone of beautiful Sedona. The areas are small but of the highest quality and serve as a welcomed respite the harsh winter weather.
We cruised through Flagstaff to visit friends and opted to stay an extra day in order to climb at the Anvil boulders in Sedona. Martin got psyched an threw himself at Alien Baby Right with total disregard for his injured finger. He wasn't able to climb for the next three days but it was all worth it as he scraped out a send at the last minute.
It was nice repeating old problem and I also managed to do a couple new things as I used the short-man beta to send Alien Baby Right for the first time and shook myself up a sweet highball called Slip-and-Slide. It would have been nice to spend another day to show Martin Sedona's other bouldering area but Pie Town was calling and we had a date with Hueco Tanks.

Groovy water dimples

Prairie on Alien Baby Left

The first move of the Alien Babies

Jason uses short man-beta on Alien Baby Right

A motivated Martin


Anonymous said...

A motivated Martin? Are you joking?

walkerkearney said...

don't you see the fire in his eyes? he was a motivated as i've ever seen him and expressed said motivation in a monotone voice saying, with the usual lack of emotion, "i'm so psyched". he then proceeded to throw himself at the problem for hours so i took him at his word. no joke.