Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moes Valley, UT

Our post New Years plan were an open slate. After relaxing on the beach in Malibu and hanging with my Grandmother Tutu for a couple of days we packed up and headed to Saint George, UT to meet our friend Hannah and sample the sandstone bouldering there. The climbing was better than I expected and sufficed for our 4 days in town. Martin's finger is still a bit sore but he's further adapting to life in the States as he's getting mouthy. He's dishing out abuse and his heckling skills have been honed from his weeks with the Kearney kids.

Martin has resorted to threatening us to ensure he is properly fed.

5 star accommodations minutes from the bouldering


Cooking breakfast outside a coffee shop


Anonymous said...

is that Sarsaparilla?

Anonymous said...

No loitering charges? It looks a lot like loitering to me!


walkerkearney said...

sioux city sarsparilla