Monday, January 26, 2009

Lowsy Gutter Punks

Documentation of my trip just hit a serious obstacle. A couple of days ago my van was broken into and I lost my wallet (3 credit cards, all my phone numbers and addresses, cash, etc.), my mp3 player, my camera, and other things. Super lame. Along with the camera was 6 gigabytes of footage documenting Hueco Tanks and Martin engaging in various "American" activities, from dringing 40's and shooting guns to hitting baseballs and eating large quantities of food. The jerk even stole my toiletry bag with my contacts and toothbrush. Lame.
Life of course goes on and after searching alleys and dumpsters in the area I accepted the fact that all my stuff is gone.

So now try to imagine a couple sweet photos of the new places we found around Las Cruces over the last couple of days. They are quite good on bomber granite and contain more than a few lines that make me hot and bothered. For the time being you'll have to just take my word.


Anonymous said...

NEEEJ!!! Fan! Stackare!


Anonymous said...

That sucks! Where did it happen? /MH

Anonymous said...

They were nazis Walter?

walkerkearney said...

it was in front of little chris' at 0700 on a saturday. what the hell! i'm pretty sure they believe in nothing.