Friday, October 24, 2014

Born again and Stavsjö

The dry-spell is over!  This is the longest Kearney Journey has gone without a post since I started the blog in 2007.  There are a multitude of reasons for the lack of posts.   The usual suspects of work and laziness were certainly involved and while competing in Ninja Warrior Sweden over the summer was exciting I'm not allowed to talk about it until the program airs.  (in the spring I think).  But the primary reason for the break was the arrival of the newest member of the Kearney Clan (Björke Shine Kearney, born Aug 3rd).

Now that we're getting the hang of having a baby again I'll get back on the occasional blogging and on Nov 2nd we'll be back in the States for the annual winter trip where I'll have ample time and plenty of content to post.  In the meantime here is a random photo to get things back on track.

 Björke a few days old.  He is the primary reason for the break in the blog.  If you want more baby pictures check out Hammie's blog.

Awhile ago I took a weekend trip to Norrköping to check out a little area called Stavsjö.  I was impressed with the quality of rock and problems and while my skin didn't allow for much climbing (bad skin sucks) I saw plenty of things I'd like to go back to.

Pyssel on the Hulk, one of Stavsjö's gems 

Sammy recently did the stand to this problem but the sit is undone and one of the better looking projects I've seen in Sweden. 

Tumle cleaned up a this problem and established a nice new highball.

 Aleksej on the classic highball Köpman Wighart

Bad skin is a curse and has ruined more than a few climbing days for me

Björke chilling with his dad