Monday, October 19, 2009

Ronneby Rock

Every time I go down south to Ronneby I'm always amazed by the amount of rock. It seems that potential areas are waiting to be found everywhere. On previous visits I'd attempted to find boulders myself and relying mostly on luck I had minimal success. For this last trip I decided to do some networking for local beta and eventually got in contact with Patrik and we arranged to meet up for an afternoon session. Patrik was described to me as the "nicest guy on the planet" and I must say that's probably not far from the truth. Patrik showed me enough to know I need to spend a lot more time in the region and while I only climbed on one boulder it was incredible.

The main line on the boulder was spectacular and would be a classic anywhere, with a hollow sounding hold being the only real negative (name?). The boulder offered several projects begging to be done and I spent most of the time on one to the left of the main line. While I managed to do the stand it feels incomplete as the sit is just too obvious. I also did a cool dyno around the corner that may be an fa but I'll have to consult the locals.

I think it was safe to say that the very south of Sweden has more to offer than Kjugekull and hopefully I'll be back soon for another sampling.

Many thanks to David (the Irish), Andreas (Zigge) and Partik (the nicest guy on the planet).

And I'd like state for the record that locals are awesome. The gangs in Värnamo and Karlskrona/Ronneby are wonderful and I'm sure I'll be bothering them again.

Patrik sending. The dyno I did is the line to his left.

Patrick trying the project to the left of the main line


Anonymous said...

I know that boulder its great! And I think there's more in the area to be explored. Patrik called me and and asked if I knew who you were, since I live in Göteborg too =) Infact Im going to visit my parents this weekend. And from their house it's only a 15min drive to that boulder. Do you visit Ronneby often?


walkerkearney said...

there is heaps in the area. your lucky to have a house so close. we're hoping to make it back down that way in a couple weeks. i'm sure one day we'll meet around the boulders