Friday, October 2, 2009

Around the Blocks

Been getting out a bit lately. When it's not raining the temps are good but unfortunately I'm a bit on the weak side. I keep hoping to experience "the daddy effect" as my friends in fatherhood claim that a few months after their children were born they somehow managed to be stronger than ever. Apparently changing diapers and sleep deprivation is the training technique of the future.

Anyway, here are a few pics. The first two are from a small area in Bohuslan with about 10 problems (thanks once again to Spång for showing me this area). The next two are from a sweet wall that is practically in town and has for some reason seen almost no traffic. I called the best line Blind Man's Bluff and have a project on either side. To my knowledge none of these lines had been done before. The last pic is an old project in Bräcke that I sussed out and should send next time.

John on Wine-liner

Aja grimaces on a beautiful yet painful project

Peter on Blind Man Bluff

Blind Man Bluff

Peter on the Bräcke project


mh said...

Soon John will be climbing with a tie.

Anonymous said...

Har ni varit till stjördal .skall vara den svåraste väggen i skandinavien.Lukes mom