Friday, October 24, 2008

Solo Pose-Down in Utby

I start to get the shakes if I don't climb for a couple days. Yes, I have a problem. And I've learn that if you live in Sweden you should climb like there's no tomorrow because, well, the weather gods might squash your climbing plans for a month straight. That being said, I was free on Thursday and the forecast for the foreseeable future was somewhere between mostly shitty and super shitty. This coupled with the fact that I was unable to find anyone to tackle highball projects with led me to settle for a quick circuit at Utby. Here's a little video. Enjoy and feel free to ridicule my narcissistic pose-down.


fredrik said...

Scofield! Det gillas.

David said...

I´m allways update in your blog.nice to see you so close throw it.

Anonymous said...

Get a better tripod!