Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nick Cave Roof

Before my trip to the States in Sept we found yet another area on Orust. Having been listening to the music of Nick Cave around that time I christened the area's impressive roof after the musician and went to work on the various problems. After that first day we managed to put up two problems that came out the roof (Loretta and Henry Lee respectively and both great problems in there own right) but the main line out the middle shut us down. The project took on the name Stagger Lee and has apparently continued to shut down potential suitors in my absence. With any luck we'll have some good weather and my next encounter with Stagger Lee will turn out in my favor. We'll see.
Here's some footage from that first day with the fa of Henry Lee and an attempt of the project.
Just so you know, the soundtrack is a Nick Cave song and contains some expletives.

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