Friday, January 15, 2010

And now a word from our sponsors....

Lina and I went to visit the good people at Evolv the other day. I've been wearing their kicks years ago after making the switch from FiveTen and became a "team member" soon thereafter. I love their shoes so naturally I was excited to try out some of the newer models.
We met up with my friend Buck to chew the fat and show Lina where the magic happenes. After lunch and a tour of the facilities we got hooked up with some new kicks. Psyched to get back to Bishop and break in the new shoes.

Where the magic happens

Heaps of shoes

Hammie samples the new Talons

Hammie approves while Buck (the minister of culture) rules over his domain


Carles said...

I aso wanna be Minister of Culture, what can I do?

walkerkearney said...

Everyone wants to be Minister of Culture. Buck is about to load up in a Sprinter van and hit the road full time for Evolv. It's like a paid climbing trip. Yes, we all wish we were in Buck's shoes.

Carles said...

Yes Walker, it's true. Your friend Buck is lucky.

I'm following your trip here, so upload pics and videos, please.

Hammie is so beatiful!!!

Tweak said...

dude when do the new talons come out sooooo need to get me a new pair of kicks.