Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We made it to Bishop! The weather is fantastic and there are heaps of friends hanging out. We're still trying to dial in living in the van with Hammie but it's getting better every day. On the climbing front both Lina and I are feeling weak from rotting in Sweden the last couple of months and I'm nursing a cold. Despite the excuses I'm sure we'll be back in form in no time. Other folks are climbing strong and recent highlights include Prairie cruising the Hulk, Jenny rocking the Iron Man Traverse and Jason shaking his way up the Mandala (pretty impressive actually). Hopefully Lina and I will be able to jump on the sending train. Plenty more to come.

Brooke focuses on Mr Witty

Lina somehow trumps Chris in the bronze department

Prairie commits a fashion crime while sending the Hulk

Jenny cruising Mr Witty


Amy said...

i miss you guys. and i fully approve of prairie's legwarmers. please tell her so for me!

PontusGBG said...

Looks nice Walker! Would do anything so I could get that weather here!! Feels like hell here!
I hope you all have fun and hope you send a lot of cool problems!

Wen´t out a while and hoped to climb at Ruddalen. But -12°C was to cold even for me! And this fuc**ng snow everywere! It sucks!

Take care!


walkerkearney said...

i'll let praire know her outfit didn't offend everyone.
and for you guys in sweden....try to stay sane.

Carles said...

Nice report, good luck with the boulders, say hello to Prairie and I hope we will climb together in Götheborg next june.

Enjoy the life!

Charlie said...

Fashion crime? That's a fashion clinic!