Monday, May 21, 2012

Martin's Sloper Problem

Step one: buy house in the woods   
Step two:  buy detailed map of surrounding area
Step three:  use map to explore and find rocks to climb
Step four:  brush rocks and invite friends to you own private area

Martin recently used these four simple steps to further add to the bouldering around Gothenburg.  His little area has a couple projects and one of the best sloper problems around Gothenburg.  The woods around his place certainly contains more rock and makes me jones for my own house in the countryside. 

Johan nearing the mantel on Martin's Sloper Problem.  

Jesper preparing to grab the first sloper

Jesper grabs sloper #2

Robert eyeballs the 3rd sloper

Jesper slaps the top

Martin on his sloper problem.  I think he actually named it something else but I can't remember


Robert said...

Döpta han inte den till Red neck eller nåt liknande?!
Fint som snus var det iaf

Anonymous said...

dude, F your silly rocks, whats up with your other blog, the one of your life-long project?
Lil Chris