Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Project in Lerum

The primary reason exploring has been so productive as of late is because we have been living in Lerum for the last month (for those unfamiliar with the geography of Sweden's west coast....Lerum is a small town roughly 20km east of Gothenburg).  Being here has afforded me new places to explore literally outside my back door.  It's easy to justify a quick exploration when you simply run from your porch or drive a few minutes.  I know I keep saying it but there is unlimited rock around these parts and those willing to put in the work can find amazing things.

Another small area I found is practically in town.  Jocke joined me for a day and we managed to put up roughly 10 problems and brush a few projects.  Here are a couple pictures of a sweet project.  Jocke has also recently added a few pictures of the area to

Jocke reaching to the "hold" one must then dyno to the top from.  This problem ended up being more difficult than I thought it would be and awaits someone to stick the big dyno from the bad hold.

Same problem from a different angle.


Anonymous said...

Where is this located in Lerum?

walkerkearney said...

from lerum drive north on olofstorpsvägen then take a left on norra häcksjöbäcksvägen. norra häcksjöbäcksvägen will take a sharp left after a couple hundred meters. half the bouldering is located along the cliffband in the forest to the right. the rest of the bouldering is to the left and can be easily seen from norra häcksjöbäcksvägen (you can't miss the big boulder next to the road). be smart when parking and be considerate of the locals as it is in a residential area. everyone i've meet has been very nice. still a bit more to brush and do. mostly good looking easy and moderate climbs. enjoy.