Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back in Action and Scary Projects

Been getting back into the swing of things here in Sweden.  My computer is still dead and my injuries are still plaguing me but I'm still getting out climbing and I've been able to borrow Lina's computer.  Could be worse, Lina after all has a broken foot.

Spring has come to Sweden as the forest is exploding with flowers and Swedes are shedding layers and soaking up sunshine.  Spring time in Sweden is fantastic and we've been taking full advantage of the lengthening daylight and perfect barbecue weather.  The only bad thing about spring is the leaves returning to the trees make finding new rock a bit harder.  No longer can I simply drive back-roads and peer through naked branches in search of stone.  But a few leafs aren't going to stop me as I've been exploring a ton and having frequent payoffs.

Here is one of my latest scores.  It's steep, tall and a stones throw from the parking area.  Now all I need is to rally pads and muster some courage.

She's a beaut

Kalle working the project.  I certainly goes but it will be scary.  We've made it one big move from the lip but commitment is an issue.  Anyone want to test their courage?

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