Monday, May 28, 2012

Daniel in Västervik

My friend Daniel has been hanging in Västervik for a few weeks and he grasiously showed Hammie and me around during our few days there.  It was great hanging with Daniel and I'm extremely greatful for his help with everything.  He had roughly a week to finish off his lengthy tick-list when we departed but he was climbing well so I'm confident he'll put a dent in it.

Hopefully Daniel maintains some of his climbing motivation when he returns to Gothenburg.  I've got lots of project to add to a new tick-list.

Here are a few pictures from Västervik

Daniel working Goofhead while Hammie hangs in the back.  Daniel humored Hammie during our trip by reading a an endless stream of books and being a jungle-gym.  He made quite an impression as Hammie asked about her "big friend" for several days after we left. 

 Daniel was very close to sending Goofhead and it sits high on his tick-list.  I'm confident it'll go down (maybe it already has)

 Daniel on Skullcandy, one of the few established problems in Forsby.  It's essentially committing to one big move that would be a lot easier if there wasn't potential for a bad fall.  

Of Wolf and Man took Daniel a little time to find the beta and went down easily the next day.  One less problem to worry about.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks allot for a couple of amazing days! I miss hangning out with both you and Hammie and cant wait to go try your projects...