Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Weak Imitation

My good friend Fredik Jutfelt took a picture of Den Gamle och Havet that ended up on the cover of a magazine.  I decided to try to take a similar shot the last time I was there and I think it's safe to say I should take some lessons from Fredrik.

Chris on the Gothenburg classic Den Gamle och Havet


Anonymous said...

Never let a tall guy spot when shooting. You should have had only Kim. Other than that it's a great pic W!


tj said...

Spottarna måste stå på knä... ett typiskt Crimp-trick!

Johan H said...

Hej, försöker hitta er kontaktinfo ang. samarbete. Kan nån vara snäll o mail mig?

Tack på förhand!

walkerkearney said...

hahaha. thanks for the tips. hanging with short climbers also makes me feel tall so it's win-win.

i'll hit you up soon johan