Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I had heard spray about Åland long before we took our recent trip.  It was one of those areas with a bit of hype that I new I'd make it to eventually but hadn't seen or heard much that made me want to make it a top priority.  I went into this trip without super high expectations but when the week was over I was still excited and I'm already thinking about a return trip.

The climbing on Åland is comprised of several small areas fairly far apart with settings that vary from sea side boulders to cliff-bands in the forest.  The skin friendly red granite lends itself to steep climbing and most of the popular problems seemed to be roofs.  Åland actually had less developed climbing than I anticipated but what is there tends to be good quality.  I didn't get to see all the areas but I checked out the major ones and left a few things that are worthy of a return.  All in all I'd say it is well worth a trip.

Here are a few pictures.

Hammie leaving some chalk marks

  One of the beautiful boulder to be found.
 Gu samples one of Åland's many roofs

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