Sunday, May 29, 2011


If there was one problem I want to go back to Åland to do it would be Dodo.  The stand start went down in a few tries but felt incomplete as the problem begs to be climbed from a sit.  While I managed to figure out all the moves a send eluded me and gives me something to go back to.

 Daniel running a lap on the standing start to Dodo

 Martin hoping the key heel-toe doesn't slip when he goes for the sloper


Nico said...

nice project. Which grade are you guys climbing.

walkerkearney said...

i'm actually one of those anti-grade people as i feel like number obsession is ruining bouldering. grades may have a place as a gauge and reference point but they should certainly not be taken seriously.

i'll spare you a philosophical tirade but i feel if everyone took grades with a grain of salt the bouldering world would be a better place.

i guess that didn't answer your, i've climbed things in the 8 grade (font scale) and been unable to send things in the 6 grade. i try to climb beautiful boulders and prefer to not know what number is attached to them. i think i try hard but it's all relative.

Martin said...

Nice pictures! Thanks for that!
You also managed to slip in for a few seconds in Ålandsfilmen, in case you missed that! :-)


walkerkearney said...

sweet video. lucky for me you got one of the times i stuck the move instead of all the times i didn't

Nico said...

Nice video! and yes Dodo needs a sitstart, it's such a nice clean line.