Monday, October 11, 2010


It was a Bohuslan weekend. Saturday we went to Ramsviksland as folks wanted to try Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie and I wanted to try some things I bushed up awhile back. Unfortunately Hamster Huey resisted a 2nd ascent (although Lars and Daniel were close) and I only managed to collect new projects as nothing new was sent. Psyched to go back as there is heaps of stuff I want to do.

On Sunday I went back to a place in Smögen to try a couple beautiful projects with good temps. I'm pretty sure both the arete and thin face we tried can be done but I'll go ahead and say they are pretty damn hard.

Here's a few pics from Ramsviksland

Peter on Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie

Lars working the beta on Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie

Lina on a cool slab that shut down all comers

A new roof project

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