Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spång in Bohuslan

Anders Spång is my hero. Not only has he single handedly discovered the lion's share of bouldering in Bohuslan but he's done it with two kids. Spång's ability to get outside more than most is a testament to his motivation and the wonderfulness of his wife Mari (Spång claims he has the best wife ever. Mari is pretty cool but I beg to differ). In a few years I hope to be in the same position as Spång, living in Bohuslan with two kids and the best wife ever (that would be Lina).

A man after my own heart, Spång has been systematically exploring the vast granite bouldering possibilities in Bohuslan and has to tolerate my incessant pleading to show me his prize crop of boulders. Fortunately Spång is a giving soul and has taken me to more than a few gems. It is always nice to return the favor so you can imagine what a pleasure it was when I was able to show Spång some boulders in his own backyard.

The boulders had been a tip from Kalle and when Spång and I arrived we couldn't help but wonder how this place had gone under the radar for so long. Just goes to show the possibilities of Bohuslan. We climbed one sweet warm-up and then got spanked on the two best lines there, blaming our failure on the temps and our short stature. We'll be back on a colder day after stretching.

Anders Spång, the man, the myth, the legend

One of Spång's sweet finds

The new project that seems to hate short people

Waiting for a cooler day to go back to this one


Geir Arne Bore said...

A nice tribute to Anders. The arete looks like the one underneath the watertower out at the coastcity Its a long one, and We only goes there on the hot days. But its a nice place with the childrens. Have You tried the big blocks on Ramsvik north of Fykan? Just as hight and hard.

Nice blog by the way.

Geir Arne Bore

walkerkearney said...

Glad you like the blog.
Yeah, the place is in Smögen. Nice spot on a warm day. I need to go back when it's colder.

Ramsvik is sweet. got some projects there too.