Monday, August 30, 2010

More new stuff on Tjörn

This summer has been a very productive season in terms of finding new rock. I've now collected enough projects to more than last through the fall and spring. Of course there is still time to collect a few more and hopefully I'll even be able to dispatch a few before the temps drop and the "sending season" gets underway.

Here are a few pics of a small area on Tjörn we stumbled upon the other day. Rain showers limited our climbing but a couple problems still went up.

Patrik does the FA of a beautiful problem on perfect rock

A tall wall with several good lines

Martin trying Shelter. We where able to climb on this one in the rain as a high roof provided the needed shelter (thus the name). I managed the FA with the use of thuggery and toe-hooks. Super fun steep climbing.


J.S.Falcon said...

Ah walker I am jealous.

Anonymous said...

Coola problem!
Detta är väl samma område som Happygänget la ut för något år sedan? Roadkill heter området enligt GBO.


walkerkearney said...

I should have gone to this area years ago with the happy gang. so it goes. and yes, my life is sweet. socialism has it's perks

Josh said...

yo walker got a question for you... I want to buy a ocun paddy dreamtime crash pad. Do you know anywhere in the U.S. that sells em?

walkerkearney said...

don't know if you can get those in the usa. sorry