Monday, August 23, 2010


Been explore lots lately and things keep popping up. While my drive to explore comes from hopes of finding those elusive 4 star lines it's quite nice to find areas that will yield more that just one or two hard climbs. One of the newer places I've found has the potential to actually become an area as it contains everything from hard project to good warm-ups. With a little work the area will yield well over 30 problems and that's only counting the obvious lines. Some of the work is done but I'd be nice to recruit some more folks to come out with brushes.

So far I've been shut down on the lines I was most excited about doing but I'm confident they'll go down with better temps and a little more effort. In the mean time I've got plenty to brush up.

Here's a couple pics

The slopey rail project. This one might have to wait for a cold day

Ola tries a cool slab project

The project follows the cool rail feature before busting to heinous crimpers

Per-Ola on the area's roof project. It goes but I think it'll be hard


maciej_kulig said...

green forest and it:)

Anonymous said...


walkerkearney said...

pretty much Sandsjöbacka. near Björkedal. i'll try to put it on gbo soon

PontusGBG said...

Lite mer bilder från området: