Monday, October 25, 2010

Pics of Organic Pads

I've uploaded a slideshow of most of the Organic pads available here in Sweden. The pictures appear on the right side of the blog and all the pads have different colors and designs to suit your unique style.

The slideshow pictures are of the regular pads but I do have a few of the big ones available as well along with some other gear. For the time being the prices for the Organic gear is as follows

regular pad 2200kr
big pad 3900kr
chalk buket 250kr
chalk bag (with belt) 200kr

folks that are interested should shoot me an email at

I also have limited numbers of other Organic gear from tote bags to t-shirts.

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Sara said...

I just watched your video on The Force in Yosemite. I just got back after being out with a finger injury. This is great inspiration. Thanks for posting...

Sara :)