Friday, October 29, 2010

A Turn for the Worse

Every year around this time I try to convince myself I should start training. This shift from my general anti-training stance is of course due to the onset of oppressive Swedish weather. Unable to climb outside on a consistent basis I begin to wonder how many trip to the gym it will take to actually learn to like plastic. My attempts in previous years turned into simply hanging out with friends and whining about the weather, occasionally making it past warming up before throwing in the towel. We'll see how things go this year. I should just put together a campus workout and dangle from a hangboard so I don't become super weak. However, I'll probably resort back to obsessively checking the weather and waiting for my annual escape to the States (Dec 9th -Jan 26th).

Swedish winters suck but there are small windows here and there. Between the driving rain and lengthening darkness I have managed to make it out here and there the last couple weeks. Hopefully we'll have a few more good days, just enough to stave off depression.

Here are some pics.

It gets dark pretty early so night sessions allow the working stiffs to climb during the weekdays, if it's dry.

Pontus on a new problem I put up in Årekärr

Johan in Branta Trappan

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Nicolas Meunier said...

Great pictures.
I really need a car to go to all the places.