Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A day on Tjörn

On Saturday I returned to a new area on Tjörn to try and finish up a steep project. I had previously worked out beta and figured I'd walk up to it with fresh skin and send. It didn't quite work out that way as I flailed on the sharp crimpers, baffled at my inability to send. Sammy and Klas showed up after about an hour of flailing and Sammy discovered much better beta that paved the way for a quick accent by Per-Ola and himself. I unfortunately was totally gassed, falling off jugs 4 times before my skin finally gave out and blood poured from my index finger. Congrats to Per-Ola for the FA of a great new problem. I'll send for sure next time.

Afterward we went to another boulder and Sammy and I did a cool new arete (I'm calling it Sammy's arete unless Sammy dubs it something else). Later we went to Shelter and after digging out toilet paper that had been packed around the holds (seriously? how hard is it to pack it out) I managed to repeat the problem and put up another one to the right as well. Per-Ola and Sammy where too tired to send. Next time.

Sammy unlocks new beta and paves the way for the sends

Per-Ola on the FA of Radar

Another project

Sammy's Arete


A portion of the shit paper left at Shelter


Peter Erhard said...

Hoppsan, det är säkert vårat papper som glömts. Slarvigt, får skylla på mörkret.

walkerkearney said...

figured it was you guys. just giving you a hard time as i know you're not the type that usually leaves stuff. or where you making a statement about the quality of the problem ;)

Anonymous said...

Sammy named the arete to Faceplant. And Pet-Ola is a really good misspel of Per-Ola, or is it a freudian slip, hmm?


walkerkearney said...

haha. looks like i misspelled your name as well. i'll go ahead and fix those. thanks