Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Beard vs Angel Dyno

Nalani and I have been joined by our Swedish friend Robert who escaped the Nordic winter for some bouldering in the sun.  His first day in 'merica we took our jet-lagged friend to the Kraft Boulders where he proceed to attack the stone with reckless abandon.  He managed to avoid bleeding but his tips took a beating on the classic Angel Dyno, which almost went down (several times over).
 Robert on the opening moves of the Angel Dyno.  It's hard to see but he is rocking an impressive beard.

Robert so close to holding the big swing.  He did that over and over.

The Angel Dyno.

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Anonymous said...

JÄVLAR vilket gött skägg och SATAN vilken cool dyno! Ah... Regn i Gbg. Fabben nästa.