Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vegas Baby Vegas

The freezing temperatures in Colorado and Utah chased us to Las Vegas where we've been hanging for a week.  It seems like this happens every year or two and even though I'm not psyched on the climbing in Vegas you can't beat the weather as we've been working on our tans while the highs in St George (just 1.5 hours away) only recently starting creeping above freezing.  

Fortunately it looks like things are starting to warm up at other areas and in a day or two we'll be motoring ourselves toward the giant granite boulders near Bishop, CA.  

Here are a few pictures from Las Vegas. 

This is what we were escaping from.  This is roughly an hour north of Vegas and illustrates one of the great things about the Western United States, if you don't like the weather just drive an hour.  

I've spent a bit too much time in Vegas and I'm so unmotivated that I even went sport climbing one day just to remind myself why I boulder.  At least Hammie thought it was fun.

The biggest selling point of hanging in Vegas has been the presence of family as my sister Prairie and our dad have circled the vans.  Been awesome camping with them.  Here Hammie takes Fart-Fart (aka grandpa) bouldering at the Kraft Boulders.

There are certainly some good problems in Vegas.  Here Prairie climbs Pork-chop, one of the gems that shouldn't be missed.

Jake of All Trades has some of the coolest hold in Vegas.

Prairie got very close on Jake of All Trades but in the end had to pack it up after nearly throwing a wobbler. 

 The Pearl is one of Vegas' best know problems.  This one tends to get bagged on by lots of climbers after their ego gets blasted falling off this polished gem.  Masumi eventually sends after a bit of a struggle.

Joe gets painfully close on the problem left of the Angel Dyno.

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