Monday, December 9, 2013

Medusa's Knees

So I've talked a little trash about the local climbing in Grand Junction but I've also tried to make clear that there is some good stuff to be found.  It might require a little guidance (or a lot of time sifting through choss) but one can actually climb on some pretty sweet problems.  One of these quality problems is found at the Dynamite Shacks and is called Medusa's Knees.  The rock is good (by Junction standards) and the movement is awesome.

Prairie uses the first of two drop knees after climbing the opening steep section.

The crux revolves around two slopey crimps.  Here Matty grabs the first crimp  

Both Matty and I could grab the first crimp without a drop knee but all 3 of climbers had to use one to grab the second crimp

The second drop knee

Prairie does the crux dead-point to a slopey jug.  A pretty sweet problem.

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