Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Sacred Boulders in Bishop, CA

Damn, it has been awhile since I posted.  My hiatus is most likely due to a potent cocktail of low-motivation,  injury, family and work.  It's crazy that those things all join forces while on an extended road trip but I guess life happens even when living the dream.  Anyways, I'm back in Sweden now after 2.5 months of van living in the States and I'm already missing the t-shirt weather as my tan is living on borrowed time.  The good news is that now I'll have a bit of time to sort through some pictures/videos and I'll get the blog rolling again.

Here are some photos from the Sacred Boulders in Bishop, CA.  This little area is definitely inferior to the Happy and Sad Boulders (and therefore far inferior to all the granite areas) but it has a few gems scattered amongst the choss.  If the Buttermilks are snowy and you are a seasoned Bishopite looking for something new I'd recommend spending a day at the Sacreds.

 Robert on a sweet problem at the Sacred Boulders.

Nick on the Wave, one of the problems worth doing.  The standard beta for the problem involves a high knee-bar at the crux but Nick opted for the the less scary (and slightly harder) option.

Matty on my favorite problem from the area.  Anyone know the name of this one?

Prairie looking shaky on another sweet problem from the Sacreds

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Anonymous said...

Please let me know how to get to the sacred boulders. Ive looked all over and its all pretty vague. Thanks