Friday, June 28, 2013

Vingsand Bouldering. Worth a trip?

Before coming to Vingsand I'd heard very mixed things.  Some people loved it but just as many said it was just ok and they'd probably not go back.  After being here only a couple a days I can see why it's given mixed reviews.

Vingsand bouldering is split into many small areas with some consisting of only a few problems.  The rock is generally very good and heavily featured which makes for lots of steep problems.  There is undoubtedly tons of rock up here and the potential for development is staggering but much of the rock doesn't make for that great of climbing.  It also seems that most of the development has been focused on caves/cliff-bands and if you're into long steep problems then I reckon you'll love Vingsand.  On the other hand if you are more into striking lines on boulders the pickings are slimmer.  It's been hard to find those lines that really inspire me (there are definitely some) and while the roofs and caves are fun it's not generally what gets me all hot and bothered.

So is the climbing worth the 15 hour bus ride?  If you throw in a couple friends I'd say definitely, but if it's just the climbing you're in for then it's a matter of taste (isn't it always).  For me the climbing doesn't put it high on the list of places to come back to but keep in mind I've only been here two days so I certainly haven't come close to seeing everything.  I can say the good stuff here is quite good and regardless what you think of the climbing it is still pretty sweet here.  The amazing scenery is what one would expect from Norway and the days are pretty much endless.  We've been getting late starts but still manage to get our fill as you can climb until midnight if you want.

All in all I do like Vingsand and could spend a few more days here but tomorrow we will take our battered bodies to Harbak, which from all my research seems superior to Vingsand.  Good times will be had.

The potential is staggering and rock is everywhere.  

Thomasina on a great "warm up" problem.  Good warm ups are a little lacking but we make do.  I'd say that Vingsand probably isn't going to appeal to boulders that don't climb moderately difficult unless that are in to cleaning their own problems.

The Diamond.  This one is too rich for my blood but is an amazing boulder problem.  It makes me want to be stronger.  Wish there were some more problems like this within my range

Andy on Eldorado.  This is a great problem that I really wanted to do but it managed to beat me in the end.  I'll blame it on being wrecked and bleeding from the day before.  Without excuses how would I maintain my egos. 

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