Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big caves and climbing in your underwear

As I posted last time, there are quite a few new areas that have recently been discovered.  One of them is destined to be a hard man favorite as it will have a high concentration of hard problems.  So far I've only done 2 problems and some of the best lines are untouched but will undoubtedly be difficult.  Lots of potential at one place for those with the requisite strength.

Also worth noting is that this area is another Spång find and might be a little access sensitive.  I'll try to iron that out.  Here are a couple pictures

Spång inspecting his recent find, a massive roof with a slew of potential climbs

Jonathan dialing in the topout before we got to work on the project.  Those moves up there aren't gimmes, especially if your tired, as Jonathan found out.

The roof faces south which mean this will be a great spot in cold weather.  It also means if you come in the summer remember shorts, or be confident enough to climb in your chonies.

Jonathan strikes a pose as the baking sun slowly encroaches. 

I managed to squeak out this problem and Jonathan was sooooo close.  He was just lacking a little endurance as I don't think shedding any more weight was a viable option.  I called the problem "Ungdomar i Kalsonger", which translates to "youth in underwear".  If you continue right from where Jonathan is in the picture you climb into the other problems we did.

Sticking the big crux move

The tensiony cross-through 

Hold the swing and then only 9ish moderate moves left.  

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