Sunday, June 16, 2013

A big roof and other new problems

I haven't been getting out as much as I'd like to lately, which is unfortunate because I have a serious backlog of new problems/areas to develop.  Hopefully I'll start getting out more than once a week and projects will go down quickly.

In the meantime, here are a couple pictures from just one of the areas I've been developing.  This one is up in Bohuslan.

This big roof has a few lines and one mega climb out the middle that undoubtedly goes but might be quite hard.  

Geir on the first long move out the roof.  Coming out of this span will be the crux.

Another view of the big roof.  

Just right of the big roof is a wall sporting an awesome sloper problem.  When I first saw this line I though I'd do it in a couple tries but it proved harder than it looked as you have to milk a giant sloper.  It required a considerable effort before it went down.  Great problem on perfect rock.

 Fredrik getting his slope on

A fun problem on the far left side of big roof

Geir working a project on the big roof.  Power and trickery are both needed on this one

Just around the corner from the roof is a nice looking wall that has yielded a few problems.  Mr Jutfelt fires the fa of one of them

The easiest solution to this problem is a big dyno.  Fredrik of course had minimal trouble but I flailed for awhile before latching the top. 

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Anonymous said...

That was a good day! Good job on the slower arête. Best rock quality ever?