Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day one in Vingsand, Norway

So after over 15 hour in a bus and a slight mix up on the pick up (pm and am makes a big difference) I arrived in Vingsand to hang with good friends and check out some bouldering.  Here are a few pictures from the first day.  I reckon I'll give my reflections on the area after I've had more time to fully scope it out.

Buses in Scandinavia are awesome.  Not only are they free from the unsavory types (mostly free, I was after all on the bus) but they have free wifi, electrical outlets and some even have complimentary coffee or tea.  That said it still suck spend all day in a bus and trying to sleep on the overnight trip was the standard fare of limbs falling asleep, a sore neck and general feeling of not having slept when you arrive.

My comrades and the trusty steed

Thomasina and Cedar on a picturesque approach to an area 

Andy warming up

Cedar crushing a roof

Thomasina on one of the many roofs at Vingsand

Another roof

This was taken at around 2300.  Not to love Norway in the summer

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