Friday, April 20, 2012

Wills a Fire

My computer has officially died, taking with it quite a bit of work on video projects and a small amount of pictures/videos from the end of the USA trip.  So it goes.  At least I managed to backup most of the footage from the trip.  Here's a couple pictures from Joe's Valley that survived the fire.

If you take a trip to Joe's Valley chances are at some point you will find yourself beneath the main wall at the "right sign area".  There is good reason too as this single wall holds several amazing problems of various difficulties.  Perhaps the walls main attraction is the popular Wills a Fire that climbs the striking line on the far right. While in Joe's I went there a couple days to support Dan on this gem.  It was looking to be a fruitless epic but in the end Dan pulled a send out of his nether regions and was grinning ear to ear.  Good times.

Dan finding the fingerlock before the big move to the lip

Dan grabs the jug for the send.  

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